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With our AC maintenance services, you’re in the right hands. We’ll tell you how we can help you achieve and preserve a well-maintained AC system. Moreover, all our technicians are trained and experienced in both residential and commercial AC repair and maintenance works.

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Our Services

Whatever your air conditioner needs, our AC experts can quickly and efficiently address
them. We are a full- service air conditioning contractor with qualified technicians to help
you with all your AC issues and concerns in Miami, Florida. For more information, check
out our AC services below:

AC Maintenance

Maintaining the AC system should be on top of everyone’s priority list. Having professional AC maintenance can prove to be crucial. Sometimes, all it takes is a frequent professional check up on your AC unit to maximize its life span. If you wait until it starts to act up, you could be making an expensive mistake. Better be safer today than sorry later.

AC Repair

Is your AC not keeping up on these hot days? And you’re all stressed out from this intense Miami heat? No need to stress yourself further. Have your AC repaired fast. If you think it’s time to repair your AC, perhaps it is. For fast and reasonable AC repair in Miami, call us now to get your AC back into action.

AC Replacement

When do you think is the right time for an AC replacement? It depends. Technically speaking, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is around 15 years. However, this figure isn’t the case here in Miami. Our AC does not live that long down here. Due to the hot and humid weather, our AC tends to work harder than in any parts of Florida or perhaps of the entire USA!

Ductwork Installation

Ductwork is as equally important in keeping your family cool as much as air conditioner. It may not be on the top of your investment and maintenance list, but ductwork is responsible for moving volumes of air from your AC. So, if you notice your cooling system has become less powerful and your electric bill spiking, perhaps it’s time to call us, your ductwork installation experts in Miami.

Importance of AC Maintenance

It’s important to note that AC loses its overall efficiency every year. Without adequate
maintenance and proper care, it may even lose more of it. When it comes to overall
maintenance, it’s recommendable to hire well-trained technicians.

AC maintenace.

With our AC maintenance services, you’re in the right hands. We’ll tell you how we can help you achieve and preserve a well-maintained AC system. Moreover, all our technicians are trained and experienced in both residential and commercial AC repair and maintenance works. Our professional AC maintenance service includes the following but not limited to: measuring outside ambient air temperature, checking suction line PSI, checking any discharge line, and refrigerant leak, keeping unit clear of debris, checking fan blades for damage and clean it if needed, checking belts for wear, checking all wiring, electrical connections, suction pipe insulation, air filter for cleanliness, checking pan and draining line, inspecting blower wheel and clean it if applicable, checking thermostat for proper calibration, among other tasks in the checklist.

Air Conditioner Not Working?

Our AC repair team will rescue you from the sizzling heat as soon as you give us a call. We understand how stressful it is when you expect your AC to cool your place off , especially during the hot weather, but it isn’t. We totally get how urgently you need it restored.

Sizzling heat affecting people.

Whether it’s your residence or commercial property, our team will get to your place on
the very same day you seek us out for help. Our technicians are expert and efficient to
easily identify what’s causing it to be out of order. They will come prepared with all tools
necessary and replace any components that are not working properly. We service most
major brands for your AC unit.

Whatever the issue is with your air conditioner, our team is committed to have the job
done right to satisfy your day. Whether the issue requires simple repair such as
thawing the compressor, unclogging the duct, among others or the problem suggests a
more complex fix, still nothing to worry. We’ll carry out the action until you’re fully
satisfied. We make sure that we do whatever it takes so you are happy at the end of the

Need a New Air Conditioning System?

Unsure if you need an AC replacement or not, if you are in doubt; call our experts for a schedule. Let our team take a look at your air conditioning system. As experts, they know if AC goes beyond repair. Our first goal is to get your AC back up and running. But if it presents an inconvenience, we’ll make sure that you have the best replacement without delay.

Eventually, every resident in Miami will find themselves needing an AC replacement. Replacing your old AC system may not be as expensive as you have thought. As sometimes, it’s even more cost effective to replace the AC rather than opt for another repair. Don’t worry. Our team will let you know about it and keep you informed every step of the way.
AC not working.

When it’s really time to invest in a new AC unit, we assure you that you get the model
that suits your home, specific needs and set budget. We’ll help you select the right one
for you. And we’ll do it with amazing service at a fantastic price!

Planning on Installing Ductwork?

Installing ductwork for AC.

When it comes to ductwork installation be it in your residential or commercial space, you need trained experts like our team to do it for you. There are a number of options for ductwork installation in Miami. But when it’s time to install ductwork, you need first to have ductwork professionals who can perform cooling load calculation. This is important to determine how much air will be needed in order to cool your home. And the design plays a crucial role to ensure that the system can run efficiently.

Is your AC barely cooling your house or business property?
Is it time to repair your AC unit before it completely breaks down?
Or perhaps it’s time to have your AC replaced?
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